Personalise tags and ID cards

Personalised Luggage Tags

Personalised luggage tags for your suitcases or backpacks offer many advantages. They save you time and effort at the airport carousel or bus station providing easy identification of your luggage. They make it easy for someone to contact you should your luggage get lost or routed to the wrong destination. Our luggage tags are a deterrent to thieves who often peruse the luggage carousels at airports. Rather than take a bag with a unique tag, they will go after easier options.

Our personalised luggage tags are fun. They have unique photos not available elsewhere and tag lines that you will love and will help you express yourself. It has a hidden address and phone number that makes it easy for someone to find you at the same time concealing your address until your luggage is actually lost.

Our durable waterproof customised and personalised luggage tags will help you identify your bag immediately it exits the carousel opening. They are printed using high quality specialist plastic card printers.

Wouldn't you like some personalised luggage tags for yourself or as gifts?

Personalised ID cards

Personalised ID cards offer many benefits. From a security point of view, they are great for identifying who should be there and who should not and allowing access to certain areas. They can be permanent cards or for a special event.They are a great branding tool. Being at a height the eyes are drawn to, people will see your brand. From a retail point of view, customer facing staff have an easily identifiable name and become more approachable as a result.

Our professional durable waterproof customised and personalised ID cards will help you identify your staff or members. They are printed using high quality specialist plastic card printers. We add logos, branding, as well as barcodes or QR codes that allow you to scan through to certain areas, to borrow resources, etc.

Would you like to be able to identify your staff easily and at minimal cost? Our personalised ID cards will help you.

Children's Party IDs

Children’s Party IDs are the start of an amazing children’s birthday party. Do you want to be number one mum or dad? Are you planning your kid's next party? Want something a little different? Do you want your kid saying “best party ever”?

Children's Birthday party IDs are a great idea for your next kid's birthday party. Imagine giving each child an ID card that says that they are a doctor, policeman, FBI agent, princess or samurai warrior. we can produce fun ID cards in line with your party's theme. So if your theme is not listed, let us know and we can create something special in line with your party theme.

Our professional durable waterproof fun party ID cards will make your kid’s party one to remember. They are printed using high quality specialist plastic card printers. We use our unique themed ID cards and add names and photos to personalised them.

What are you waiting for?

Travel Ideology offers highest quality luggage tags, personalised ID cards and party ID cards. Whatever sort of customised luggage tags or ID cards you are after, please contact us and we will do our best to find the right solution for you.